Where to Buy Lighters

What is a Peanut Less heavy?

A peanut lighter is a tiny water resistant lighter that you can buy for under $5. It uses Zippo standard lighter fluid and wicks. I’m covering these because their dimension as well as simplicity is a fantastic match for any kind of survival kit.

where to buy lighters

In this short article I’ll share some features to keep an eye out for and where to buy lighters, some concerns and also lastly what makes this tiny lighter so excellent.


Initially, allows consider attributes that are essential with a peanut lighter. The initial attribute to seek is a flat end. Some individuals like to utilize this lighter as a candle. To do that, you require a flat end on the lower half. Peanut less heavies with a rounded end won’t depend on their own.

A 2nd function to watch out for is building. You are going to find 4 kinds of material.

1) Aluminum: which scrapes easily.
2) Stainless-steel: which is long lasting
3) Titanium: extremely sturdy
4) Matte surface steel plated copper: Which looks wonderful, but isn’t extremely resilient.

Here’s a 3rd point to try to find. Is the insert detachable? If so, after that your little lighter can serve another purpose. You can keep points in it. Simply remove the lighter insert and place your items inside the lower half.


OK, up until now everything seems wonderful. But in truth, peanut lighters have some issues. Especially when you’re thinking about disposing all your other fire starting gear and also replacing it with this.

Among the most significant grievances of the peanut lighter is “fluid evaporation”. The vital issue is the o-ring. Due to the fact that the o-rings aren’t made right, the lighter fluid dries out in regarding 3 months. One-way to increase o-ring efficiency is to include Teflon tape and even silicone sealant.

Another issue with this lighter is the wick. Below’s what is happening. Sometimes the lighter won’t light, even though it has plenty of lighter liquid. Right here’s the reason. There’s a cord standing up the wick, however occasionally the opening for the cord is too tiny.

where to buy lighters

This stops lighter fluid from saturating the wick despite the fact that the device is full of fluid.

One last issue is just how limited the system fits. At times the reduced fifty percent can come loose and also hand over your essential chain. Fixes could include Teflon tape or Loctite. The last point you want is to reach over for your lighter in an alarming scenario only to discover it … missing out on!


The peanut lighter is lightweight, small, basic to run, simple to repair and also durable. You can also utilize it as a candle light. Not a bad bargain for a little point similar to this!

Go obtain one today as well as play with it. Take it apart. It could even work in your Altoids mini survival set.Get the information about where to buy lighters you are seeking now by visiting http://www.rise-goods.com.

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