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Ghosting? Ghosting! Ghosting! Cruel CruelPainful Mean Heartbreak Ya Toota hai kabhi tera? Don't ghost anyone! Ya, don't ghost Please Have you heard of some of these terms that these kids have come up with? The millennial terms? I know Netflix & Chill! Modern dating terms that you need to know Okay! Okay! Breadcrumbing Breadcrumb? Breadcrumbs? So breadcrumbing basically means like woh insaan jo tumhe flirty, like non-flirty flirty messages bhejega

But usse commit kuch nahi karega You know, it's like Hawe mein Ya, it's like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs Benching Benching Benching is if someone's benching you It means that they don't want a committed relationship with you at that moment, par iss ka matlab yeh nahi hai ki that you're out of the game, but your like, still there But waiting to for your turn or like Growing up in Gurgaon, I only knew one Benchhh! Catch and release

Another sporty term So iss insaan ko peecha peecha karne ka thrill bahut pasand hai He loves the chase but the moment you agree, and he's got the chase, then he loses interest So this is catch and release That means most of the guys kinda do thatDon't they? No yaa No? Actually ya, some

Some of them are trash Achha yeh wala… yeh wala best hai haan Ghosting Ghosting is actually when a person cuts of all communication with the person they are dating Koi warning nahi, koi "we need to talk" conversation nahi Seedha cut off

After that they will avoid your phone calls, they will avoid you on social media And definitely avoid you in public InsaneI mean aise toh koi like bohot hi heartless person kar sakta hai yaar

like jiske paas dil hi na ho You know tell me one thing, Shra Shraddha? Shraddha? If you think being ghosted in real life is painful then get ready to be ghosted by Stree

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