My Dating Secrets Revealed!

good morning guys we celebrated Micah's birthday yesterday and it was an amazing time and the cake that did you guys will follow her on snapchat saw turned out even better the princess part are which there's only a little bit left but it's three layers it's a Swedish cake it honestly took me like eight hours to make and couple days but we got it done did you enjoy it now we're going to get passports for the kiddos I get her Nana yeah Toma got her passport done this morning with her dad and Micah they knocked that one out before she actually is heading out for the summer to spend that time with her dad and her stepmom so she's going to be going good she's not going to blog for the next couple months but towards an assemble break we do have something special a little trip where we'll go seer and we're going to have some special friends with us too so anyways let's get out the door and go get tested those are the P o box list people mailbox and aren't they cool don't pull it off roki no no no we got our number we're waiting in line and like a passports there this morning which is kinda nice that they kind of just kind of crank them out but um yeah waiting in line now and obviously the steel box and kind of interesting because these ones are like almost a store we got little windows aren't those cool you can see all the mail inside huh you know at the window look inside you see mail in somebody's those are people's boxes with our myth you look inside I know nice huh I wonder why the letters on here only go to gym and what is the significant from that I'll do into it it mean a passport fare it is mildly busy so since we have about a 35-minute wait I'm gonna go grab some bites for everybody and we'll be back passports are done guys it was nice to finally just have that out of the way for the whole huxley adventure I'm kind of just hanging out watching some shows and relaxing Mike is talking to her friend Jordan who had her first date the other night so she's kind of getting the scoop on the girl talk tell him Oh tell them hi guys so there's not much of that cake left from yesterday guys but here's how it worked out I mean it was honestly delicious it's got the sponge cake with the layer of jam and the custard and another layer of custard and then whipped cream on the outside followed by the almond paste I don't know what it was even called but it's like fondant but you make it some flour almonds and sugar but it was really good but grandma's here where did grandma bring you your very own happy meal oh wow Omar come up here I fancy what you get and then Manny come on Debbie all right yeah it's really nice so first ever happy meal oh wow we are so excited to get out guys we are going to go to a lovely dinner and a really nice restaurant you can get food and we're going to go see a movie but this restaurant we've been wanting to go to my grandma's told us about it before it's a really cool history and they get it modernizing the left a lot of the whole details as I'm going to like a mom and pop Oh so as tradition for Mike and I like we've always done like on most different days I think we do it you need our first date we let the server pick our entire mail so our appetizers our main course dessert and it's just a complete surprise we don't have to do a single thing with this I love it if its our secret dinner dating tips revealed server has picked us a big old meatball that looks amazing and then some muscles as well how's that me for really good my goodness is a potato is that an apple no Apple Apple here with you bigger than look at me she got the sirloin with a crab cake on top and is it a hollandaise sauce eaten but it looks good she's not talking and then I got a ribeye I guess mashed potato the green bean so all right man now the whole combo looks good remove all right we're gonna go snatch this lady we're going to see snatch or a little bit later like five minutes late so we're part is going to miss the previews yes Jimmy and I have been talking about like huxley aren't they trying to trips coming up it's really right around the corner hey and Jim was like oh my gosh it's getting so real we were talking about goes what it's a flight up prices that's like actually looking at layover them except and Jim's like oh my god this is real Israel when you're starting to 0 which is really really cool I were family to that point where we can get again so let's go ahead and check in the po box day and I have a buddy check out this guy little groundhog just hanging out right brother it's been a long time to be some truth mention the groundhog oh then like you guys got to see this we go home and Radley was literally at the window screaming dad dad the whole time I think it's safe to say he has a daddy's boy and they were outside playing an entire time were gone like Micah's grandma said and somebody didn't really stay awake like Bradley did she ended up being princess Jake it looks like I think she's trying to be mallanna so Moana in the making guys and on that note Mike and I are going to go to bed we're going to hang out lay down and just policy because we're getting old Mike of 30 now I'm 32 we're tired it's been a long day but it's been fun and it's always nice to have a date night so thank you guys for watching we love you guys and we'll see you tomorrow

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