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I’m dating 365 girls in a year and they pay for the dinners

August 8, 2018

Hey, I am Sundar This is my space

I am a photographer and this is all my work I was trying to figure out, what to do for the year To make my life interesting I decided maybe I should give it a shot, where I can go and meet 365 beautiful women – one a day For lunch, dinner or coffee

But the hitch was, that I said this will cost me a lot How am I gonne do this? I thought maybe I should ask the ladies to pay Would any of you or all of you together buy me a meal? It can be an icecream, it can be mangos, it could be peanuts Whatever But you go to buy me

Yes, sure This process and this journey is about figuring out the social taboos of dating In India people don´t know what dating is so I thought let me bring awareness towards that So it probably lessens the violence towards women The domestic violence and all that anger that is there towards women because of miscommunication and not knowing how to reach out to a girl

He is very charming, very cute He has a nice energy about him as well I am hoping that people understand, that a date hasn´t anything to do with marriage, women, sex It is just about two peole meeting to get to know each other better You don´t get to order, because I will order for you You must be saving like a lot of money this year by not paying for your own food What are you gonna do with all that money? The idea was to sponsor meals for different organisation at the end of every month And it worked really well so far

Its fabolous Good looking girls, free food, good conversations Who is going to say no to that? The only thing I am feeling bad about is what do I do next year?

Source: Youtube