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if dating profiles were real people

August 8, 2018

Hey there, my name is Jason and I'm a really nice genuine guy, you know, and i uh like nice long walks along the beach, but id uh like someone to walk along the beach with me you know what I'm sayin' Notice you uh slides right in my profile But who are you there? My name is Jason and I'm a really nice genuine guy and guys like that I noticed you, uh You don't look anything like the Jason i swiped right on, see look! Don't know what drugs you're in if you don't see the resemblance between me and whoever that guy is what what? Oh, Know there's more of you great Harry: the names Harry and Im from the London in the UK, but I'm currently living in Sydney, Australia Don't swipe rides if your going to waste my time because I don't have time for idiots

That was a little rude if I say so myself blah blah Opinions I just bought a brand-new Mercedes g-wagon What do you reckon? Yeah, I think I'll pass Hiya, my name is Lucas and I'm looking for someone who's really caring and Unconditionally well, you actually see more I compared to some of the people I've met Okay, hey why is it so blurry what I'm sorry, really sorry, it's just not happening, okay Look it looking like a taco Okay guys Thank you so much for watching today's video If you did enjoy actually give a big thumbs up and subscribe If you'd like to see more of my content and make sure to turn notifications Get notifications every time close because my name is surpassing you The link will be in the description down below check out all my social medias which are also in the description down below And I'll see you guys in next week's video see ya!

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