How to Break Out of Your Dating Rut (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

This week, I wanna talk about the baggage from our past that is affecting how confidently we date in the present, and at the end of this video I'm gonna give you something that's completely free that I have been working on recently that I know is gonna change your dating life So stay tuned for that

Let's begin I get so many people every week coming to me talking about the past Talking about how "Matt, I've been single for five years straight now" "How do I bring that up on a date?" Some people saying, "Matt, I've never had a real partner" "I've never had a boyfriend" "How do I bring that up to somebody?" Some people talking about how they have kids, and how do they have that conversation We tend to look at a chapter from our past that is very emotionally charged, or has a lot of significance to our lives, and then make that the only story

It's like someone who's a mother or a father telling themselves that their only identity in life is as a mother or a father, and that's not true They have quirks, idiosyncrasies, they're rounded if they choose to be It doesn't matter that you bring up children on a first date, or even in a first conversation If you've been married before it doesn't matter that you bring that up on a first date The moral of this video is not don't bring up your past, it's be more than one story in your past

So if you find yourself going into something going "You know, Matt, how do I tell him this?" "How do I talk about this?" It might be the case that you're focusing on this thing too much I have women coming to me saying, "Matt, I'm still a virgin

" "How do I talk about this?" And I think you might be thinking about this too much right now What matters is do you have a connection? Are you attracted to this man? You are more than the story of being a virgin What a ridiculous amount of emphasis to put on one thing So go into your dating world as a rounded person Look, I wanna say something to you right now, because I know that every week an enormous number of people write to me talking about how they are in a dating rut

Nothing's really happening for them Maybe they've been through a heartbreak Maybe they're coming out of a marriage Or maybe they've just been single for a very long time, but whatever is the case they feel kind of stuck, and they wanna fresh start at love

I started thinking about what I could do for people that would be quick and easy to kick-start their love life, and get them back out there again, and I boiled it down to three habits that In my mind, I said, "If you do nothing else that I say," "but you stick to these three habits in your love life" "it will change the game in your love life," "and allow you to find love ten times quicker" And I took these three habits, and I put them in a free guide for you so that you can have them today, and start applying them in your life All you need to do is go to 3SecretsToLovecom The guide will be there waiting for you Download it

Start applying those habits in your life today, and I promise you if you do them you will not be in a dating rut anymore So I made this really simple Go enjoy it It's completely free It's at that link, and I will see you next week

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