I should try to talk a little recently I think that everyone already knows I'm happy A few months ago my masami Although I introduced it in "Tokyo girl" Then I came back to Japan It is one of the reasons why I came after her I am more happy than that I followed my ideal life Since I came here I did not mind the time I just stayed everyday Next time I'm not going to do anything I was enjoying "now" Enjoy it now and do what I've done Do what I want to do without worrying about surroundings I am living like that Kiss the cheek I think she is a picture This is a moving picture w Say something? Do not say anything? This is the intro of this video Hell Yeah Tell me you're fucking foolish Shut up fucker Who? Me Hand out That's the foot

dance! How nice I will put on it w why? I'm still taking it w You understand w I will forget this 5 hours later It lasted all night long I'm hurried right now, but It's all ERASED's T-shirt ERASED Betrayal T-shirt Embroidered T-shirt ERASED International T-shirt This is the one to be released today ERAESD T-shirt for children Nowhere USA ERASED Project Kagome's long sleeve Which of these do you like the most? Choose whichever you like from here this? Reason? simple I thought it was w This is also good You did not sell this This seems to be my favorite Then pick up the second Wait, how many T – shirts do you have? What that? It is not ERASED w My name is squid, is not it? It's a freestyle trick You proved it Eh, is no-compli a freestyle? It is a lie w I have not slipped yet, I was just shooting I am sweating Looking at pants I'm scaring This summer is a historic heat in Japan too Fast Try Orry Why is it Olly I'll do it with a shabby shirt Second trie ory You did it me w I always use custom grips But I found this today Nice to meet you There have been several times already Name is? My name is Dan I'm from America

Studying abroad to study Japanese I say it all, w Because you want to know that? w I did not advertise anything w You are planning something w I do not do anything w Doing the handstand 5 seconds! Although Dan taught me how to find that grip That seems to be my Tokyo eat skateboarding 2 years ago? 3 years ago? Two years ago It seems two years ago I took out a video called Tokyo eat skate boarding You found it! Actually watching the Instagram I was watching the page of skate crunch I was there I saw it 100 times I thought you might be fine I repeated it many times From there fly to the page of Lewis Look at all the videos You have found it Also go to the Geo's page I bought a grip and put it on myself So, I made a cool video w Hey please show me a little w Send it w I remember everyone told you before w I made exactly the same as mine w It's a freestyle version Everyone tag me It's Louis Paku! Wow No, well at all it's okay w Do not be discouraged w Let's compare freestyle and ordinary guy No, that's not it! Ordinary guy? What? Everyone is like that It's not like I'm breaking it apart It is hot even at night

You will see sweat I'm going to Shibuya from now on Take a picture of this That's beautiful I have to take a picture with this Wet T shirt and this pants There was! I could not find it at all People too much I was looking around for about 5 minutes I'm looking for a good roof top of something Because Shibuya is always busy I will take a picture for release We are having a party on the bus! w Shibuya Excellent w Party bus, Mario Kart I'm cruising Climb this staircase I will go on up I am seriously tired There is no break today

OK, you have arrived Do not you know it well? Let's take a nice picture with this building This is lighting Use iPhone New release launched Starting reservation for 72 hours only To everyone who buys this T-shirt from him It seems like I want to thank you It's not on sale right away I can make a reservation for 3 days There is a link in the overview column Thank you very much

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