5 Tips for Dating a Filipina (A Girl from the Philippines)

hi guys here is my five tips for when you are going to be dating a Filipino I'm actually married myself to a Filipino in October 2016 so I know a little bit about this if I knew these tips before dating my partner this would of helped me out a little bit and I hope these tips help you out to number one when you are dating a Filipino if you are actually serious about this and you want to go through with it they might be a potential person you want to marry or spend the rest of your life with you are going to be marrying her family and you are also going to be marrying into the community to where she grew up to as well with Filipinos its a little different to white people with white people you have a next door neighbour our you have a uncle or aunty you don't really know them you meet them at Christmas and that's about it with Filipinos they are really close to their family and the community is really important if someone is in trouble in the Philippines they get together and help each other out if someone is in trouble in Australia they either take out a loan or get a credit card there are two big differences so you need to get used to the idea of helping out family if they are in trouble and that's a part of what you need to do the same thing in white culture as well if your family is in trouble you and your partner need to get some money and help them out to and try to put that in perspective so number two this is important and this is probably one of the most important tips I can give you there is a thing called tampo sorry if I didn't say that right for any Filipinos out there but tampo is when your partner gets really angry about something it can be something really big or minor it really doesn't matter what it is so she gets really upset and she just doesn't talk to you so she just shuts downs and doesn't talk to you from all of these videos I have seen online your partner can be quiet for a day, week and hours personally for me it has been hours so you need to understand they are just trying to cool down because they get really angry so in comparison to white culture or Weston culture if your partner is angry they will let you know if they are pissed off they are going to tell you about it and they are going to get it off their chest and your going to be in the dog house for ages but I would say the tampo way is a lot worse because you sit their and say what have I done and you actually don't know for a couple of hours at least so you need to just sit in there hang in there, talk to your partner, reassure your partner that you love them you are going to be with them and you are just going to work things out and slowly and slowly they are going to open up and give you some hints on what the problem is and once you find out what the problem is you can address it as well so just hold in there it happens to every guy that dates a Filipino so it might be a shock for you to find out about it but its good you are watching this video to understand about it and just work though it you will be fine hold in there it will be fine my third tip tagalog so that's the national language of the Philippines make a effort to learn tagalog make a effort to talk to your partner about tagalog what does this mean what does that mean how you can add words together how you can count to ten they will really appreciate the time and the effort to learn about their language and for me and Ange it has been really good when we walk away we go somewhere we can talk in a few broken words in tagalog that I know and just say look over there or lets cross the road things like that bring you closer together that you are trying to learn your partners language you are trying to connect with them on a close level and when you go meet their family you might know a few different words and its showing you are actually trying to engage with them instead of knowing your words they might know a little bit of broken English you can't really connect but if you know a few little words you can try to make that connection with them and in my experience personally they really connect with that because they say this person trying to engage with us they are trying to learn our language they are actually putting in the effort so just try to do that when you meet your partner just say what is that is it an apple mansanas just ask them random things in their language and you will connect with them a lot quicker so moving onto number four my fourth tip is to learn about your partners experience in the Philippines now you and your partner have completely different backgrounds and that's fine they went to Australia or where ever across the world wherever you met your partner just try to find out what it was like to live in the Philippines and what that will do is put you in their shoes and its very important for you to understand this because not everything is in your way or the westerners way in my perspective things happen differently there in the Philippines so you really got to delve in and ask them as many questions as you possibly can to really understand what it is like to live in the Philippines and that will give you an appreciation how to handle issues that come along the way in your relationship and its a good idea to understand what the culture is like as well so you can blend in what religion is over there and how important it is number 5 your going to be taking out your Filipino out on a date do not take her out for a burger no nooooooo do not take her out for a burger it is not happening it is not happening there is one word that you need to know when you are taking out a Filipino for your first date or multiple dates thereafter Rice easy as that rice you got to understand rice of kanin in tagalog is important so white people love bread right white people love bread I'm going to have a hamburger or a croissant they don't get down like that the Filipinos don't get down like that they like rice they have rice for breakfast lunch and dinner and if they don't eat rice if it is a Filipino that has just come down from the Philippines and they are not used to western culture their is no point taking them out for a burger there is no point taking them out for a salad they think salad is like grass on a field so if you take your partner out to sumo salad or what ever like that and you give them a bowl of grass imagine that sitting there getting a bowl of grass so remember rice take them to a place with rice you will be in good stead trust me trust me on that so these are my five tips guys and I have got one more finial tip and this is personally the best tip I can give you when you data a Filipino its important to give them a chance now what I mean by give them a chance is you hear a lot of horror stories either through the media or the interest or stupid YouTube articles now horror stories can be its a older gentleman and a younger Filipino in a romance scam now what I want to let you know is just don't listen to that bullshi and sorry for swearing but it is it is bullshi give your partner a chance and don't care about stories listen to what they have got to say listen to their experiences and that is the only way you can do it you will be really happy if you can push through that you really will I'm happily married quite recently happily marred and I have been with my partner for about five years now and we spend so much time together and I love her so much so just don't give up to stupid stories that you hear 99

9% of Filipinos out there are absolutely amazing people and you got to give them a chance you got to listen to them and you got to learn to you got to be open to a lot of different things culture religion language and you got to try so hope you guys enjoyed the video there some tips that would of really helped me um when I first dated Ange I hope you got something out of it If you agree if you think there are more things just hit them down in the comments section down below if you would like to subscribe to my channel hit the subscribe button right there and if you want to see a recommended video check the video right there hope you enjoyed the video

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