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10 Things When You’re Dating a Good Guy After a Toxic Relationship

August 8, 2018

10 Things When You're Dating a Good Guy After a Toxic Relationship After a narcissistic relationship, there is a mental breakdown that happens It is extremely damaging, and some people really want to end their life instead of surviving with such heavy burden

There is no way that you can survive easily without the help of a nice guy Fortunately, it is possible to meet a nice guy, and the world will feel different It is not impossible that any sufferer from narcissists can meet the nice guy that really loves her #1 – He’s confident in you After your confidence disappeared, there is someone who can help you to regain that The good guy will always make you confident

Your doubt will be gone easily #2 – Being kind all the time Good guy really loves you unconditionally You have prepared the worst that his traits will change However, he does not This guy is still nice and kind to you

You definitely do not want to let this kind of person go Being kind all the time is the best thing you can get, and you should appreciate that by not letting him go #3 – He spoils you He tries the best to make you happy, and he makes you queen of his world He truly makes you valuable, and you can feel it You also cannot deny that sometimes you feel helpless

However, a good guy just wants the best for you #4 – He listens Unlike narcissists who listen to answer, this good guy will listen for understanding you better Moreover, the guy also wants to listen your nice voice because it is calming and relaxing for him You definitely can see different reaction on his face #5 – He builds your trust Unlike narcissist who will slowly degrade your trust, the good guy will slowly return it back to normal

The good guy also improves it time after time Even though sometimes you feel uncomfortable with their extreme kindness, you slowly begin to trust them and try to return the favor sincerely #6 – He does not manipulate you Say goodbye to manipulation as he will make sure you get what you say and what he feels You are not under his control, and you definitely can do whatever you want #7 – He apologizes Narcissists will never apologize

They make excuses Thus, if you, by chance, meet a guy who apologizes sincerely, he is definitely the good guy you are looking for You need to see him in the eyes to make sure he expresses it sincerely #8 – He’s humble He never asks something in return This even makes you feel uncomfortable sometimes that you are moved to do nice thing to him as the reward

This creates a dynamic and matched relationship that both appreciate #9 – Positive Even though you are down, he will lift you up When you are sad, he will cheer you up You will never be in miserable position ever again #10 – He teaches you the real love Real love is always a process

You will learn along with him throughout the journey, and you definitely will appreciate how enjoyable and fascinating it is Well, that's all of the 10 Things That Happen When You Meet a Good Guy after a toxic relationship So, Really cool information isn't it? I hope you enjoy this short video, if you have something on your mind, please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below! Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and watch all our other amazing videos! Thanks for watching!

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